Business Trading Company, known as BTC, was established in 1997 to fill the then existing void in Qatar for a retail environment that offers the right mix of shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities. Today, the Company is renowned, both in Qatar and in the GCC region, for its proven expertise in developing and managing top-of-the-line shopping malls, leisure facilities, real estate properties and retail brands .

Our Business


Property development is a fundamental part of BTC’s activities. One of the first companies to recognize the huge potential in the real estate sector in Qatar, BTC now owns major property development projects in Qatar and beyond, These include shopping malls, leisure and entertainment facilities, real estate and retail businesses. We are now a multi-million riyal holding and investment company with multiple connections in the State of Qatar and the Gulf region.



To accomplish our vision of establishing a pioneering presence in the property development market of the GCC region, BTC has joined forces with JW Marriott to develop two iconic 5 star hotels in Qatar and Bahrain. Once completed, they will stand out as unique, state-of-the-art establishments.

BTC owns the franchise rights for the JW Marriott brand in the territories of Bahrain and Qatar.


Fashion Retail

BTC’s Fashion division was established in 2000 with a vision to bring the latest trends in international fashion to Qatar’s retail audience. In order to achieve this, BTC Fashion immediately began the process of identifying the most appropriate retail brands to serve the needs of Qatari society. Today, within a short timespan, BTC Fashion has acquired the franchise rights for many retail brands, ranging from high fashion wear, cosmetics and accessories to premium chocolate treats.


Food & Beverage

BTC brings the best of Italian, French, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Far East Asian cuisine right to the heart of the city making it easier for consumers to experience such diverse cuisine without the need to travel.

Concepts like Evviva, Brioche Doree, Spice Republic, The Rice Room and Wrap it are just few examples of the successful brands we have introduced.


Leisure & Entertainment

One of our main objectives in establishing BTC was to transform shopping destinations for families and friends into a delightful adventure. Today, BTC is widely credited for successfully combining entertainment and leisure into a shopping adventure everyone wants to experience.


Joint Ventures

Business Trading Company has joined forces with a number of multinational companies including Azadea Group, Remza-BTC, Rash Fashion, Jawad and Cineco in efforts to provide more for its retail audience. BTC continues to explore opportunities to grow its business divisions further.




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